How to Add Reject (Waste) Data from the Navbar?

Reject (waste) Data can be added for any duration. Practice the steps as shown and you'll learn how to use the Add Reject panel in no time!


  1. On the screen's top right, click on Add Data on the Top Navbar.

  2. Select Add Reject. The Add Reject Count panel will open.

  3. In Step 1, add the start and end time for the duration you want to enter data for. To add the end time, you can use the calendar or duration tabs.

  4. In Step 2, enter the rejected data in the “Count” box.

  5. To add a reason, click “select”. The reason Code panel will open on the right.

  6. Add a reason code by choosing from the list provided in Top Level, Level 2, and Level 3. Click “Select Reason Code” to save.

  7. (Optional) Add more details regarding the rejection in the comment box.

  8. Select equipment (if necessary) by clicking “Tag equipment”. Select from the pre-existing list or add new equipment by clicking “Add a tag."

  9. Click Add Reject. Simple as!

Repeat steps 1-9 to add reject (waste) data for other timings.

Helpful Tips:

  1. Use the up and down arrow keys to increase or decrease the reject value.

  2. Click on Show Instances below the Add Reject panel. All all reject (waste) instances in the selected hour will be displayed.


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