What is Actual (Good) Production?

Actual production, also known as good production, good count, or good parts, refers to the quantity produced in a given shift or process that meets the quality standards.

Actual (good) production is an essential concept in manufacturing and production industries. It is the number of goods produced that meet the quality standards, which are predetermined by the manufacturer. The quality standards may include factors such as dimensions, weight, material composition, color, and finish. Actual production is different from the total production quantity, which includes both good and defective parts. Manufacturers use actual production data to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of their production processes and to identify areas where improvements can be made to increase productivity and reduce waste.

The measurement of actual production is crucial in determining the success of any production process. In addition to its use in evaluating production efficiency, actual production data is also used in determining the cost of production. The cost of producing defective parts can be significant and impact the bottom line of a manufacturing operation. Therefore, tracking actual production is essential in ensuring that quality standards are met, waste is minimized, and the cost of production is reduced. By focusing on actual production, manufacturers can improve their product quality, reduce production costs, drive machine utilization to a new level, increase overall growth and increase overall profitability.


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