What is the Manage Production Targets Function?

Backlogs in manufacturing cause delays and losses. Production goals can become complex to keep track of when there are multiple lines, shifts and orders to manage. Also, it can be unfeasible and impractical to add targets individually. Why take the trouble when you can set production targets for any duration of time from one place?

Add Targets is a feature in the Application Configuration for Admin to make goal-setting simpler for System Admins, from which the application's pacing boards, graphs and data automatically update as per the input across all devices. This is also the place you can find your Target History for record-keeping or reviewing.

The Manage Production Targets function is an essential tool for manufacturers looking to streamline their production processes and maximize efficiency. This function allows managers to set and track production targets from a centralized location, enabling them to manage multiple production lines, shifts, and orders with ease. With this function, managers can quickly and easily set production targets for any duration of time, ensuring that their teams are working towards specific goals and reducing the likelihood of backlogs or delays.

By utilizing the Manage Production Targets function, manufacturers can significantly improve their bottom line by increasing productivity, reducing waste, and improving their overall output. This tool not only simplifies the process of setting and tracking production targets but also provides managers with real-time data on production performance, enabling them to make informed decisions and adjust targets as necessary. With this function, manufacturers can ensure that they are meeting their production goals, reducing losses, and improving their overall efficiency.

Click here to learn how to add new production targets.


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