What is the Reject Reasons Feature?

Reason code analysis is pivotal for a detailed understanding of your Line's operations. The Reject Reasons section of the Reporting and Analytics feature collects all the reason codes leading to Quality loss, thereby impacting the OEE. By paying attention to these codes, manufacturers can focus on production quality improvement based on the cause.

Listed in this section is a chronological record of each Reject reason code along with details like the start and end date-time of the Reject instance, occurrence, count, cost implications, comments, and any equipment involved. If you want to exclude or include any of these columns, click on the first icon at the top-right of the Reason Code table.

There are filters available for a user to set if they want to drill down on a particular Reason Code or a level of reason code.
You can choose to view these in a list format or a grid format by clicking on the third and fourth icons above the reason code table. Users can also manage the reason codes by updating or removing these Reject Reason Codes by clicking on the pencil or trash bin icons to the right of every record, increasing the overall performance and growth of the factory and company.

Click on the link to learn how to edit or delete a reason code record.


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