What is the User and Role Management Feature?

Since there exist multiple levels in an organizational hierarchy, controlling the access to a site-wide application is a vital function of a System Admin. Depending on the level of authority and designation, deciding who gets to view which aspects of Kypeco's application are within your control with this feature.

User and Role Management is meant to create new application users and assign them roles so that what they view and work with aligns with their job description.

The main concern the feature addresses is to mitigate the risks of data security and access privilege. Each of the users can be granted roles that have predefined permissions on Kypeco. While each user stands for a member of your organization, roles are a group of permissions that comprise the actions users can take and control what they get to view on Kypeco. Predefined permissions specify the areas to which these roles apply for users, making the job of gatekeeping access privileges and application controls simpler.

You can learn to add users and roles by clicking on the links below:

How Does User and Role Management Benefit System Admins?

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) helps to improve collective security due to selective access. Kypeco enables users to have multiple roles and specific predefined permissions for every role. An organization is guaranteed privacy, compliance, and confidentiality with respect to providing access controls to the application, any sensitive system or operational data, and related resources.

How Does it Work?

The System Admin has explicit control over their organization's Kypeco User Directory.

Once the System Admin's account has been established, they can create roles by grouping predefined permissions as per the organization's internal hierarchy.
Our Single Sign-on (SSO) integration will help the members of the organization's Active Directory sign up to Kypeco with their employment details and submit a request to the System Admin. Admins can also set up a new user manually and send them an invitation to join the organization's Kypeco account.

On the User and Role Management dashboard, the Admin can approve, modify permissions and roles, or revoke the request. Upon approval, the user will be able to use Kypeco within the boundaries of the roles and permissions granted. In case a member needs to be removed due to some reason, the system Admin can revoke the access at any time and the user will be disabled.


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