What is Work-Order SKU Configuration?

A manufacturing line has multiple SKUs running throughout job orders and shifts. Managing a site's SKUs requires organization, which is what the SKU configuration settings help you with.

Work-Order SKU Configuration is a vital tool used in manufacturing to manage the production of different products or SKUs. It involves setting up and organizing various SKUs that run on the production line, including creating, editing, and removing SKUs as necessary. The process also involves assigning specific values such as rate per minute, cost per minute, and manufacturing cost for each SKU, making it easier to keep track of production costs.

Having a well-organized SKU configuration helps manufacturing companies optimize their production processes, reduce errors and minimize waste. It enables production managers to track inventory levels and determine which SKUs are in high demand, ensuring that the right products are produced in the right quantities. This, in turn, improves productivity, reduces downtime and enhances overall efficiency on the production line.

Furthermore, the Work-Order SKU Configuration process is not limited to one manufacturing site or product. Instead, it can be applied across multiple sites and products, allowing production managers to standardize processes and procedures for different manufacturing plants. This consistency can help companies streamline operations, reduce costs, and achieve better quality control, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and more significant profits.

Creating, removing or editing SKUs doesn't have to be a tedious process when the job is done easily in a few clicks. Additionally, you can add values such as rate per minute, cost per minute, multiplier and manufacturing cost for individual SKUs, doing away with multiple data inputs from one place of all SKU data entry.

To learn how to create a new Work-Order SKU, click here.


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