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Efficient support & maintenance for IfElseCloud users - enhance productivity and minimize downtime

The way we provide support and maintenance for software is slightly different from hardware devices. The key difference is that we can rollout software updates remotely over cloud while hardware support and maintenance sometimes require site visits.

Software Updates and Release Plan

Regular Updates: We will provide regular software updates, with bug fixes, performance improvements to enhance the overall experience. We work in Agile (SCRUM) environment and our software releases are always scheduled:

  1. Immediate OOC (out of cycle release): If there are any critical bugs or security issues, we might release a fix to our environment immediately. This might not be aligned with any release cycle.
  2. Fortnightly: Very minor cosmetic improvements and feature updates.
  3. Monthly: Major feature release and updates on both mobile and web platform. In these releases, we mostly add more functionality in the existing features.
  4. Quarterly: New feature releases and added functionalities. There are always new and exciting features and integrations which our team loves to bring to manufacturing. Quarterly releases are those exciting times when big things go live.

Some updates on smart mobile devices might require you to perform explicitly. For example, updating the application from Google Play Store of Apple AppStore on the tablets provided by us. We will notify you when these updates are available for your environment so you can take necessary actions. Our support team can also help in providing on call support to ensure that these updates are successfully installed.

Hardware Maintenance Cycle

System Updates: We will notify you when there are any software updates required on the smart devices which we supply.

Device Maintenance: If we have provided IoT devices, our team will provide quarterly maintenance to ensure that the devices and sensors are fit to use. If there are any replacements required, our team can notify you regarding the same. In cases, where we see no sign of latency or signal drops, the quarterly visits might be postponed. We will notify you when we do so and provide you the details.

Device Replacement: We will replace the smart devices every three years regardless of their state. This is to ensure that we are able to introduce new features and manufacturers are able to utilize them.

Device Recall: In cases where a devices is failed to work for any reason, we might require you ship us the device in it’s package. We will then take necessary steps to repair or replace the device. We will take necessary steps, at our discretion to either provide you with a temporary or permanent replacement.

Provide report: When we perform these activities, we will provide you with a report of the work that we are going to perform at your site and a confirmation report once the work is done. We will do so digitally in the format selected by us. If you require our team to fill out any other reports specific to your environment, this might incur extra charges.

Site Visits and User Training 

Site Visits: There are cases when our team might need to visit your manufacturing site to provide maintenance, in case of smart devices or IoT devices. We depend on you to:

  • allow us access to the required areas
  • provide site induction to our team members to safely work in your environment
  • take necessary measures to ensure the health and safety of our team members when they perform these duties

User Training: When our staff visits your manufacturing site, it’s a great opportunity to schedule any user training required for new staff. We can also take this opportunity to introduce your team of the new feature releases. When this is required, we will schedule extra time prior to visiting your site.

How to reach out for support

We will provide business hour support via the mediums mentioned below. Details of these options are mentioned under the help section of the application.

Chat: You could use the chat option on our website or in the support area of the product.

Email: Feel free to drop us an email if you are facing any issues with our product and services.

Phone: If you wish to speak to someone, you can give us a call on our support number. 

How to report and issue, bug or feature request

Use the feedback section in our app to report an issue, bug or a feature request. Our engineering team will review your request and take necessary actions to provide you an update. When we do so, we might need to contact you to get more updates. Please ensure that contact information of the user who reports the issue are up to date and provided in the request.

Cost of Support and Maintenance or Custom work

The license include all regular updates and improvements without any extra cost. We deliver that as a part of the cloud license and services. In cases where we need to develop a custom functionality specific to your environment, or do on-site work as a part of installation or maintenance, this will incur extra charges based on the rates below:

On-site maintenance work

$200 + GST per hour

Custom feature development (if no onsite work is required)

$150 + GST per hour

Integration and Data Migration (if no onsite work is required)

$150 + GST per hour

Hardware integration

Cost of the Hardware + ($200 + GST per hour)

There are some exclusions though. These are covered in your licensing cost and will not incur any additional charges:

  • Initial user training of 5 hours is included in the license to help easy onboarding.
  • 2 weeks of Hypercare environment is provided. This includes scheduled daily hotline support of 2 hours.
  • All cloud configuration and installation of our solution is covered in the licensing.
  • Support of email and chat is provided free of charges
  • Any work that we need to do to rollout new features and functionality in our Public Platform available to all users.

To keep things transparent, we will need approval from you before we do any work that can incur additional charges. We will communicate and take approval of the payment terms of these work.

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