How to Add Downtime Data?

If you want to start or stop a downtime, you're at the right place! There are multiple ways to get the job done on this application. We've made things a whole lot simpler; all you need to do is reach the Add Downtime panel using the methods mentioned below.

  • From the Top Navbar: On the screen's top right, click on Add Data on the Top Navbar and select Add Downtime.


    Click on Add Data and select Add Downtime.


  • From the Pacing Board: Click Menu, go to Line Manufacturing Dashboard and select Pacing
    Board. Hover over an hour in the Downtime row and Click the pencil icon on the hour cell.

Both the methods above will open the first panel of Downtime data with the four options; click on the links below to learn how to add Downtime data:


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