How to Create a New Issue on Smart Devices?

Issue reporting has been made a breeze with Kypeco on smart devices. Just follow the steps explained below to add a New Issue.


  1. Tap Issues and go to Create Issue on the top left header. On the Add Issue panel, enter all the required details such as the Issue title and Description.

  2. Next, add an Issue Type from the dropdown list.
    Note: The personnel to resolve this Issue will be selected based on it's assigned priority by the admin (default).

  3. Choose the Issue Occurrence Date using the calendar.

  4. Optional: You can tag a Line by clicking on Add Line.

  5. Optional: Add a job concerned with the Issue by clicking Add Job.

  6. Optional: Add a Reason Code regarding the Issue by Clicking on Add Reason Code. Select the Top Level, Level 1 and 2 reasons from the category of Performance, Availability, or Quality and click Select Reason Code.

  7. Tap Save. Simple as!

Your newly added Issue will be now visible to all the assigned personnel as well as on the Issue and Concerns dashboard to track its resolution status.


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