What are PAQO Failure Reason Codes?

Operational losses with respect to performance, availability and quality have a number of reasons, all which required a whole lot of formalities in outdated legacy systems. We've made the job of pinpointing the cause of such snags with the help of Reason Codes.

Kypeco's PAQO Failure Reason Codes refer to a three-tier reporting architecture that will help shift workers name the exact cause for performance, availability, and quality issues.


  1. Select a category from Performance, Availability, and Quality from the tabs on the top-left.

  2. Click Add New Reason on the Top Level panel and enter a reason code name.

  3. Click Save to record the Top Level Reason Code.

  4. Now click on the Reason code name to expand the next level panel and repeat steps 2 and 3 up to Level 1 and Level 2.

Now, personnel and managers can drill down on reason codes more effectively. This will assist in mitigating staff-related training problems, equipment repairs and maintenance, and resolving such problems with greater efficiency.

Reason codes play a major role in reporting and analytics on this application since they influence features such as the Pacing Board, Six Big Losses, Loss Data, Loss Graph, and Reason Code Analysis among others.


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