How to Create an Issue Type?

To create a new Issue Type, follow the instructions explained below.


  1. Go to Configure Issue Types from the Kypeco Menu.

  2. In the Create a New Issue Type section, add the Issue Type name.

  3. Select a color to represent the Issue Type for easier recognition.

  4. Next, add a priority level for the Issue.

  5. Assign one or more responsible personnel for the Issue's resolution.

  6. Set a time for the Issue's Resolution.

  7. Click Save to record!

Once set up, the personnel can select an issue type to report a problem, saving substantial time and effort! The resolution tracking timeline begins as soon as the issue is registered, encouraging greater accountability, transparency, and clarity.

This is one of the account set-up configurations for a new Kypeco account, but you can always come back to this section and create new Issue Types.


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