How To Stop an Ongoing Downtime?

In a few simple steps, you can end an active downtime and update the reason code or equipment involved.

Practice the steps as shown and you'll learn how to use the Add Downtime panel in no time!


  1. Click on the Ongoing Downtime card.

    Click on the Ongoing Downtime card.
  2. The end time, by default, will be the current date-time; you can add the exact time of the
    downtime completion using the calendar or duration tab of the date-time picker.

  3. Optional: You can edit the reason code by clicking Change in Step 2.

  4. Optional: Update comments and tag Equipment.

  5. Click Stop Downtime. Done!


Validation Rule:

  • Ongoing downtime can be stopped only if there is an active downtime in progress in that Line.


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