How to Use the Trend Chart?

Using a Trend Chart is simple. Explained below are the steps about how you can add multiple time periods to compare them.


  1. Click on Menu and go to Reporting and Insights.

  2. Click on Trend Charts.

  3. Select the time period (shift, day, week, month, custom) you want to view the trends of using the left-side dropdown list.

  4. Click on the OEE metrics dropdown on the right to select between Performance, Availability, Quality or OEE trends.

  5. To compare trends, you can also use the calendar icon to go to a specific date or the < and > buttons for the preceding and succeeding time periods.

Once you select multiple time periods, you will be able to view their respective hourly trends on the charts with their legends mentioned at the top.

Helpful Tips:

  • To select or unselect a trend displayed on the chart, click on the legend.

  • You can view the trends of only one OEE metric at a given time. To switch to another metric, use the right side drop-down list.


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