What is a Trend Chart?

Need to compare the OEE and its factors at one place? The Trend Chart is the place to be! Forget about fetching these metrics from lengthy spreadsheets and pages; you'll find all the information needed in just a few clicks.

While the Line Dashboard and Pacing Board show you the ongoing manufacturing data regarding a specific time period, sometimes a comparison of the OEE factors across multiple shifts, days or other time periods is necessary for an in-depth analysis.

What Can Be Done Using a Trend Chart?

The Trend Chart is a great functionality to use a graph that helps you compare over a given time period:

  • Line Performance

  • Line Availability

  • Line Production Quality

  • Line Manufacturing OEE

The Trend Chart compares the aforementioned metrics on an hourly basis, where the number of shifts, days, weeks, months, or custom timings can be added for a thorough comparison at a glance. You will be able to figure out the fluctuations, best, worst and highlights of these metrics easily, which eliminates the need to pick data from multiple places. Click here to learn How to Use the Trend Chart.


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