Running Kypeco in Videowall mode

So you have successfully set up Kypeco in Videowall mode, aye!? If not, follow this article first Setup Kypeco in Videowall Mode

Let's see how to operate Kypeco in Videowall mode

  1. Right-click anywhere on the screen.

  2. It opens a pop-up window in the center of the screen

  3. Here, we have multiple options to configure Kypeco and a calendar on the right.

Change Dates in Videowall mode

By default, Kypeco shows the current week's data. To change, please select any date from the right, and click Select Date.

Auto Refresh data in Videowall mode

By default, Kypeco auto-refreshes the data to provide real-time updates. To turn it off, click 'Turn Off Auto Sync.'

We can also refresh the data manually by clicking the Refresh Page button and Exit out of the video wall mode by clicking the Exit Video Wall Mode button.

And that's it. The best is to let Kypeco run in auto-sync mode. It will display real-time updates throughout the day and keep everyone on the team informed!


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