What are Application Naming Conventions?

What's in a name? Coherence and functionality!

Industry naming conventions can differ from location to location. In the instance of having multiple sites across the globe or even at a location with differing accepted naming standards. Rather than creating chaos among your system with unfamiliar terms and tags, we help you stay true to your roots by letting you use labels you understand in a manufacturing line.

The Application Naming Conventions function allows a system admin to fine-tune Kypeco as per the manufacturing company's naming conventions.

Application Naming Conventions refer to a set of rules and guidelines that define the naming conventions of various software applications used in an organization. It involves the use of specific labels, codes, and tags to help identify and differentiate different applications. This naming convention is essential in ensuring that there is coherence and functionality in the system. It helps to make sure that all applications are named uniformly and logically, making them easy to locate and use. The Application Naming Conventions also help maintain the consistency of the system across different locations and help prevent confusion among users.

Kypeco offers an Application Naming Conventions function that enables a system administrator to customize Kypeco's naming convention to fit the manufacturing company's specific needs. With Kypeco, a manufacturing company can establish a consistent naming convention for all its applications, making it easier to manage, locate, and use them. This feature is particularly helpful for companies with multiple sites across the globe, where naming conventions can differ from location to location. Kypeco's Application Naming Conventions feature helps companies maintain consistency and order in their software applications, ensuring that all employees can easily access the information they need.

To know the steps to configure application naming conventions, click here.


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