What are Applied Formulas and Descriptions?

Calculations and analytics on this application are automated, but understanding how important numbers were arrived at is essential! We believe in providing the correct insights, which is why this feature aims to provide information about all the important formulas applied to the manufacturing data and their explanation in detail.

Applied formulas and descriptions are an essential feature of data analysis applications. In simple terms, formulas are mathematical expressions used to calculate specific values, while descriptions provide a detailed explanation of how the formulas work. This feature helps users understand how certain values or metrics are derived, giving them greater confidence in the accuracy of the results.

Whenever in doubt, refer to this section of the Application Configuration for Admin to cross-check core manufacturing metrics and their calculations made easy.

In manufacturing, for example, formulas and descriptions can be used to calculate key performance indicators such as productivity, efficiency, and downtime. By providing users with a clear understanding of how these metrics are calculated, manufacturers can make informed decisions based on accurate data. Overall, applied formulas and descriptions are a crucial aspect of data analysis, helping users to gain insights and make informed decisions.

Need an explanation of calculations and terms? You'll find it in our knowledge base by simply searching it in the help icon at the bottom of the Kypeco application or clicking tooltips!

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