What are Custom Shift Data Records?

Do you have data that needs to be recorded but no related present fields on Kypeco? The beauty of this application is its easy personalization. The Custom Shift Data Records feature will help you personalize your digital production environment so you can optimize what you see on the screen.

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Custom Shift Data Records helps you to set up the metrics and fields that are relevant to your line's shift, which then get reflected on the Target Board. For instance, you can add fields to record data regarding the electricity consumed, carbon emission levels, air quality index, and other such data that may be niche-specific.

Custom Shift Data Records are particularly useful for companies that need to track specific data points or metrics during a production shift. By allowing users to customize the fields and metrics they track, these records can provide a more accurate and comprehensive view of a shift's performance.

Some of the data that can be tracked with Custom Shift Data Records might include information on energy usage, waste generated, production output, or quality control metrics. By tracking this data over time, companies can identify patterns or trends that may help them optimize their operations, reduce waste or environmental impact, or improve product quality.

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