What is a First Pass Yield?

First Pass Yield refers to output that pass the quality standards and are labeled as "good production" without being scrapped or sent for rework.

First Pass Yield (FPY) is a metric used in manufacturing to measure the quality of a production process or equipment. It represents the percentage of products that pass the required quality standards during the first attempt or run without the need for rework, repair, or adjustment.

To calculate the FPY, you need to divide the number of good-quality products produced by the total number of products produced, and then multiply the result by 100. For example, if a production line produced 1,000 units, but 50 of them required rework or repair, the FPY would be 95% ((1,000-50)/1,000 x 100).

FPY is an important metric as it indicates the effectiveness of a production process or equipment in producing products that meet the required quality standards. A high FPY means fewer defects, less rework, and lower costs, while a low FPY indicates the need for process improvements or corrective actions to improve quality and reduce waste.


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