What is Loss Analysis?

Loss Analysis is a section of the Insights feature that shows users the six big loss-inducing reason codes in a given time. The table shows the loss reason codes along with their respective loss occurrence and cost impact.

Loss analysis is a process of identifying and analyzing the various types of losses or waste in a manufacturing process or system. These losses can be classified into three categories: availability losses, performance losses, and quality losses.

Loss analysis helps manufacturers to identify the root causes of these losses, quantify their impact on productivity, and take corrective actions to eliminate or minimize them. It typically involves collecting data on the various types of losses, categorizing them, and analyzing the data to identify trends and patterns. Manufacturers can then use this information to implement process improvements, such as improving equipment maintenance procedures, redesigning processes, or training operators.

By conducting loss analysis, manufacturers can improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), reduce waste, and improve product quality, resulting in increased productivity and profitability.

With the help of Loss Analysis, you can find the most problematic reasons in manufacturing and take the necessary steps to optimize Line processes.


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