What is Actual OEE Data?

The Actual OEE Data is a feature of the Kypeco Manufacturing Dashboard and Pacing Board that will display the current OEE metrics of performance, availability, and quality for the selected duration on the tablet.

Actual OEE data refers to the real-time measurements of a piece of equipment's performance, availability, and quality. It is calculated based on the actual time the equipment was in operation, taking into account any unplanned downtime, equipment failure, or other disruptions that may have impacted its performance.

It provides a clear picture of how well a piece of equipment is performing in real-world conditions and can be used to identify areas for improvement. It is a valuable tool for manufacturers looking to optimize their production processes and increase efficiency.

By default, the Actual OEE Data of the current shift, current hour, and running job will be displayed on your Kypeco tablet application. Swipe the arrow below the rings to view all the rings.


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