What is Scheduled or Predicted OEE?

The Scheduled or Predicted OEE Data represents a feature of the Manufacturing Dashboard and Pacing Board. It displays the ideal OEE metrics of performance, availability, and quality for the selected duration if the manufacturing runs under optimal conditions.

Scheduled or predicted OEE refers to the expected OEE of a piece of equipment based on a planned production schedule. It is calculated by estimating the total amount of time the equipment will be in operation, factoring in any planned downtime for maintenance or changeovers, and then multiplying that by the expected performance rate and quality rate.

For example, if a machine is scheduled to run for 10 hours with 1 hour of planned downtime for maintenance and is expected to produce at a rate of 80% performance and 95% quality, the predicted OEE would be:

(10-1) hours x 0.8 x 0.95 = 7.6 hours or 76% OEE.

This metric is useful for planning and scheduling production, as it allows manufacturers to estimate the output and efficiency of equipment before it is put into operation. It can also be used as a benchmark for comparing actual OEE performance against expected performance.

By default, the Scheduled or Predicted OEE Data of the current shift, running job, and current hour will be displayed on your Kypeco tablet application. Swipe the arrow below the rings to view all the rings.


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