What is SKU Vs. Reason Code Analysis?

Each SKU can experience problems over a period of time where there are OEE losses due to performance, availability and quality issues. While it can be painstaking to keep track of and report such discrepancies, your job is now as easy as visiting the SKU vs. Reason Code Analysis feature on Kypeco!

In the first section, users have the option to view the Reason Codes occurring due to performance, availability and quality problems in a time period in comparison with the SKUs available for manufacture on the Line. For simpler graphical representation, you can choose between a scatter diagram and a bubble chart, each of which will help you analyze the occurrence and impact of Reason Codes for a given SKU.

The second section of this feature consists of a table that shows detailed data of the Reason Codes per SKU.

To sum it up, you can simply click on which category of SKU vs. Reason Code Analysis you want to check by clicking on the top-right toggles and select a duration using the top-left dropdown or calendar.


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