What is the OEE Insights Feature on Kypeco for Tablet?

The OEE Insights feature sheds focus on a Line's all-round manufacturing progress using an approach that gauges the production efficiency using graphical data. The Manufacturing Graph keeps score of hourly actual (good) production and reject data so that you can track the given duration's progress.

Below the graph, you will find manufacturing insight cards with data such as:

Line OEE Data

OEE Rings

To gain a better understanding about the selected duration's OEE, the Line OEE Data displays OEE Rings that show users the overall performance, availability, and quality.

Performance Statistics

The Performance Stats display the percentage of actual (good) production vs the scheduled production in a percentage.

Availability Statistics

The Availability Stats display the percentage of uptime vs the scheduled duration in a percentage.

Quality Statistics

The Quality Stats display the percentage of actual vs the scheduled rate of production per hour in a percentage.

Hourly Data

The hourly data depicts the graphical representation of Production, Rejects, and Downtime on an hourly basis for the selected duration.


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