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Learn about IfElseCloud's Privacy Policy: Protecting Your Data

Privacy notice - If Else Cloud

This notice applies across all websites that we own and operate and all services we provide, including our online and mobile accounting and financial services products, and any other apps or services we may offer (for example, events or training). For the purpose of this notice, we’ll just call them our ‘services.’

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IfElseCloud: Enhance Data Processing with Addendum

Data Processing Addendum - If Else Cloud

This Data Processing Addendum (the Addendum) forms part of the If Else Cloud Terms of Use (and any ancillary or related documentation), as updated or amended from time to time (the Agreement), between you, the Customer (as defined below) and If Else Cloud. All capitalised terms not defined in this Addendum have the meaning set out in the Agreement.

This addendum only applies if and to the extent If Else Cloud processes personal data on behalf of a Customer that qualifies as a controller with respect to that personal data under the Applicable Data Protection Law (as defined below). If the Customer had entered into earlier data processing terms with If Else Cloud, those terms are replaced by this Addendum.

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Efficient support & maintenance for IfElseCloud users - enhance productivity and minimize downtime

Support and Maintenance Plan - If Else Cloud

The way we provide support and maintenance for software is slightly different from hardware devices. The key difference is that we can rollout software updates remotely over cloud while hardware support and maintenance sometimes require site visits.

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IfElseCloud's cookie notice: stay compliant with website regulations

Cookie notice - If Else Cloud

Cookie notice: see how the cookie crumbles

Whoever thought the humble cookie would need a whole notice to itself! We’ve all got our favourites (chocolate chip anyone?), but they’re not the type featured here. This notice talks about the cookies and similar tracking technologies that we use across the websites we operate and all the services we provide to you.

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Understanding IfElseCloud's T&Cs: Essential Guidelines

Terms and Conditions - If Else Cloud

Welcome to Kypeco! We’re excited to see you take the first step towards an amazing digital manufacturing journey but before you start using Kypeco, we do need you to look through and accept these terms. We’ve done our best to explain it all without using too much legal jargon and statement with dozens of commas and semi-colons. It’s just to make it clear what both sides can expect from each other. 

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