How To Create a Planned Downtime?

In a few simple steps, you can start a planned downtime and add the reason or equipment involved.

Practice the steps as shown and you'll learn how to go about the add downtime panel like a pro!


  1. Click on the Planned Downtime card on the first panel.


  2. In Step 1, select the Start and End date-time on the date and time picker. To add the end time, you can use the calendar or duration tabs.

  3. In Step 2, specify a downtime reason code. For unspecified downtime reasons, click “Reason code is not known yet.”

  4. If the cause for downtime is known, click “select.” The Reason Code panel will open.

  5. Add a reason code by choosing from the lists provided in Top Level, Level 1, and Level 2. Click “Select Reason Code” to save.

  6. (Optional) Add more details regarding the downtime in the comment box.

  7. Select equipment (if necessary) by clicking “Tag equipment”. Click on equipment from the options or Click “Add a tag” to mention unlisted equipment.

  8. Click Add Downtime. There you go, all done!

Validation Rule:

  • The end date time must be greater than the start date time for downtime.


Helpful Tips:

  • Add an unspecified/unknown downtime reason code by clicking “Select” under Select Reason Code. Click “Unknown/Unspecified” under Top Level and click “Select Reason Code”.

  • The system will run a validation test and ask for corrections if need be. Once the planned downtime is validated, the data will be recorded.


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