How to View Manufacturing Details from the Pacing Board on Smart Devices?

While the Pacing Board is a convenient feature that lets you enter and track production in a shift, the Production Details section gives you a graphical representation of the manufacturing activities for the same.

Here, you can make comparisons regarding actual (good) production, reject (waste), and downtime (planned and unplanned stops) for the selected duration in the form of pie charts and progress bars in real-time.

Production Data Charts

  • Actual vs Total Production: Compare the durations of total production (goods and rejects) with the actual (good) production.

  • Reject vs Total Production: View a graphical comparison of the rejects or waste manufactured in the given duration compared to the total production.

  • Downtime vs Uptime: Find the total uptime and total downtime represented graphically in the selected duration.

Production Data Progress Bars:

  • Shift Production Completion: This progress bar reflects the production percentage completion status based on the scheduled production vs. the total production in a shift.

  • Total Uptime: You can find the updated uptime (green) and downtime (red) during a selected shift on the bar.


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