What is the Production Details Feature?

Need to keep track of manufacturing processes in real-time or of past durations? Head over to the Production Details section of the Insights feature. Here, you can find data regarding actual (good) production, reject (waste), and downtime (planned and unplanned stops) for the selected duration in the form of comparison pie charts and cards.

Production Data Charts

  • Actual vs Total Production: Compare the durations total production (good and rejects) with the actual (good) production.

  • Reject vs Total Production: View a graphical comparison of the rejects or waste manufactured in the given duration compared to the total production.

  • Downtime vs Uptime: Find the total uptime and total downtime represented graphically in the selected duration.

Production Data Cards

  • Scheduled Production: On this card, you will find the scheduled number of units or quantity of output to be produced in the selected duration. At the bottom of the card, you will be able to track the production completed so far in real-time.

  • Total Availability: This card will display the total availability of a Line in the selected duration. Also displayed is the total run time at the bottom of the card.

  • Total Rejects: The last card shows the total number of rejects or waste produced by the line in the selected duration. Also mentioned is the Quality metric of the OEE at the bottom of the card. 


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