What is the Line Manufacturing Graph?

Focus on a Line's all-around manufacturing progress using an approach that gauges the production efficiency using graphical data. The Manufacturing Graph keeps a score of hourly actual (good) production and rejects data so that you can track the given duration's progress.

The Line Manufacturing Graph is a tool used in manufacturing to track the progress and efficiency of a production line over time. It is a graphical representation of the hourly actual (good) production and rejects data, which allows manufacturers to quickly identify trends and patterns in the production process.

The Manufacturing Graph is typically displayed on a large screen or monitor on the production floor, where operators and managers can view it in real time. It shows the number of units produced per hour, as well as the number of rejected or defective units. By comparing the actual production to the target production, manufacturers can quickly identify any issues or inefficiencies and take corrective actions to improve productivity.

The Line Manufacturing Graph is an effective tool for visualizing production data and keeping track of a production line's progress over time. It can help manufacturers to optimize production, reduce waste, and improve efficiency by identifying and addressing issues in real time.


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