Three tips for Shift Managers

Great news!!!

The team at Kypeco has recently released some exciting improvements in the Kypeco platform. With the new changes, the experience of using Kypeco is even better for Shift Managers!

Top three updates for Shift Managers

  1. Quick option to add data in the next hour.

    While adding the hourly data on the pacing board, you can now use the Add Data in Next Hour button. This saves extra clicks and gets the job done even quicker.


  2. Enter data for the entire shift.

    Instead of entering data hour-by-hour, you can also enter data for the entire shift at once.
    This is very helpful when production is at full capacity and there is no additional waste or downtime.


  3. Quick search for the reason code.

    Start typing in the search textbox what you are looking for. It's faster and more convenient.


    If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out using the chat box on the bottom right of the application.


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