What are the Hourly OEE and Manufacturing Graphs?

Focus on a site's all-around manufacturing progress using a two-way approach that gauges the Overall Equipment Effectiveness and production efficiency.

Hourly OEE Graph

Get hourly updates concerning the factors of performance, availability, and quality along with the shift's Overall Equipment Effectiveness or OEE.

On the graph, you will also find the feature to interact with individual elements by hovering on the graph for numeric data. To compare two or more elements or isolate an OEE factor, click on the legends of factors such as Performance, Availability, Quality, and OEE to add or remove these elements from the chart.

Hourly Manufacturing Graph

The Hourly Manufacturing graph tracks the hourly production data based on the following:

  • Actual (Good) Production

  • Rejects (Waste)

  • Unplanned Downtime

  • Planned Downtime

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