What is the Site Dashboard?

Running multiple lines in a manufacturing environment can get tricky to monitor with multiple shifts, jobs and SKUs to manage. The Site Dashboard will help you keep a close eye on all the lines from a single point of access. Talk about having 20/20 vision- monitoring an entire site can't get better than this!

Getting to Know the Site Dashboard:

The Site Dashboard displays all the data necessary for you to analyze your Site's progress based on a stipulated time period.

Site Overview

The Site Overview is the one-stop shop where you can find all the vital statistics of an ongoing shift cumulatively. This is the place where you can gauge vital site-wide metrics of OEE and its three factors as well as production, reject, downtime, and production rate.

Hourly OEE Graph

Since OEE is the benchmark of manufacturing activity's effectiveness, we have applied it to site-wide data so you can view and compare all the relevant data on a graph.

Pacing Chart- Manufacturing Graph

The Pacing Chart keeps track of all Compare the targeted production, actual production and reject along with any planned or unplanned downtime- all in a glance. Being an interactive graph, you can pick multiple legends or isolate a single value to drilldown on their assessment.

Cost Data- Hourly Production Loss

Losses can pile up quickly if they're not kept in check- in this case there are specific failures responsible, namely, performance, downtime and reject losses. The Hourly Production Loss section helps you determine the loss accumulating across your Site in a running hour, shift or job to course correct the trajectory.

Loss Analysis Graph

The Loss analysis graph keeps track of all the losses incurred due to poor performance availability, and quality along with the cumulative loss in a given shift.

Production Efficiency Gauge

Combining real-time numeric data with an efficiency gauge, you can now see keep a check on the overall performance of your Site based on its production, total downtime and reject. Color-coded for better understanding, green, amber and red on the gauge stand for efficiency being above target, on target, or below target.

Pacing Board

Understand the hourly data for your production target, actual production, reject, downtime and OEE of a Site's activities.

Job Details

We've brought all of your Line's job details together in a single table. Keep track of all the running and completed jobs with their production dates, output, reject and their respective costs under one section with their individual and average OEE.


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