What Is The Simulation Pacing Board?

Running simulations can provide a lot of insight regarding the production environment with respect to a shift's ideal performance, availability, and quality. The Simulation Pacing board is a digital twin that will help users generate accurate OEE calculations as per their input. All you need to do is enter the following hourly data manually on the Pacing Board:

  • Actual (Good) Production

  • Reject (Waste)

  • Downtime (Planned + Unplanned Stops)

Once the data has been added, click on Calculate to receive the hourly and cumulative OEE (%) for a particular shift. If you wish to understand the calculations performed on the Simulation Pacing Board, take a look at the formulas provided.

Note: Need to run random manufacturing data for simulation tests? Simply click on Generate Random at the top-right and find the OEE data auto-calculated!


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